Fidelity Information Services (FIS) is a global leader which provides payment methods products and services with high added value. It offers from processing services to the management of cheques, credit and debit cards. Its financial soundness results from a global policy which aims at efficiency and management good practices and fully focuses on your core business.

About the project

FIS has been one of TIVIT’s clients for over 15 years. It relies on a complete integrated technology management service. It needed a solution which could address payment methods fast, so that it could be prepared to meet demands of large volumes of transactions exchanged between different financial market’s institutions. Due to this scenario, after the beginning of the project, TIVIT became responsible for sustaining FIS’s business so it constantly works to integrate new clients to the credit card processing database with management services aimed at processing credit card transactions in the mainframe platforms and distributed environment, data network security management, end-user services and the development of application systems.

Implementation challenges

This project’s main challenge is not only to integrate bank cardholder’s database with its products and quantities, but also, and more importantly, to enable service availability and integrity of information. The migration had to be concluded without any kind of service downtime and so as to offer full transparency to bank customers. TIVIT’s experience in mission critical operations was essential to the success of this stage of the process.

Main Benefits

Projects like this reinforce FIS’s positioning and reputation in the market, so that it becomes even more reliable and stronger in the payment methods sector, so as a result, FIS can boost its business’s growth. The quality and satisfaction brought about by this partnership between FIS and TIVIT have contributed to this outcome. Both companies constantly seek a more and more competitive processing platform so as to prioritize the search for new business opportunities and to support its clients’ needs


• 115 million transactions authorized/month


• 250TB of pr


• 60 million cards in the database

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