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From strategy to management, we offer you complete solutions to accelerate your journey to the cloud.

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Our modular, on-demand service brings our world-class expertise to your company, accelerating your cloud journey and making the most of this environment. We bring an unbridged, clear view of all the processes, from deployment to cloud operation, including all technical and financial aspects for all scenarios. This means better management control and more effective operations for your company.

TIVIT offers multicloud solutions and complete services to enable customers journey to the cloud

Environments to be migrated

How and when to migrate

Transformation roadmap

Vision of future

Workload requirement analysis

Hybrid environment integration assessment

Application transformation scenarios

Initial setup

Connectivity integration

Template and recource standards definitions

Cloud broker services setup

Workload transitions

Environment transformation

Traditional IT services integration

Application transition

Validation, simulation, and operation

Hybrid environment integrated monitoring

Cloud application sustentation

Computational resources support, optimization, and automation

DevOps and Agile methodology for software upgrade

Integrated governance based on IT sourcing strategy


High-level security, compliance, and governance.

Continuous cloud cost optimization assessment.

IaaC - Infrastructure as a Code - for provisioning and deployment processes automation.

Guide: 4 key steps in your journey to the cloud

Know what are the critical steps for your journey and how to minimize risks in each of them in our guide, which you can download right now

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