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TIVIT Enterprise Cloud is a private cloud solution the offers the highest availability levels, with proven security and scalability - customized to meet your company’s every need

TIVIT Enterprise Cloud

TIVIT Enterprise Cloud is a private cloud solution that allows you to combine different platforms and products into one solid tool, allowing for enhanced availability levels and optimized information security. This platform has been developed with reliability and scalability in mind, meeting the most demanding industry standards. Enterprise Cloud delivers performance that equals or surpasses on premises infrastructure, with added flexibility and customization capacity. Our unique solution allows for centralized management and monitoring, granting quick implementation, both on- and off-premises. This level of transparency and reliability is possible thanks to a mature governance policy that controls all of our Cloud Managed Services, and which is based on the industry’s best practices and has been honed and refined throughout the years by our mission-critical expertise.



Get more control and flexibility from the main platforms like Intel’s x86, RISC and Mainframe

Cloud Building

Improved customization, with TIVIT’s specialists delivering the best solution, adjusted to suit your every need

Security and compliance

Reliable regulation compliance to assure data protection

Maximum availability

Industry-leading infrastructure to support you operational demands

High performance virtual servers

Controlled costs, total security and optimized flexibility: we offer solutions that support your company’s growth.

Resources with variable, adaptable and scalable settings, granting the flexibility you need..

Proven expertise in VMWare and AWS solutions, Azure Stack for Microsoft and OpenStack platform, guaranteeing optimal performance in every scenario.

Native integration capacity among all the main platforms with traditional environments, allowing for hybridization with optimal performance and security.


Compliance, desempeño y seguridad de datos en una única solución.

Our exclusive dashboard offers outstanding governance and total system transparency.

Each platform is set to offer the best possible performance for every business need, so it is built in order to make the most of each environment

Local or geographical data redundancy and replication, both in physical and virtual servers, guaranteeing effective information protection for your business.

Guide: 10 Tips for Choosing the Right Provider and Optimizing Your Business

In this e-book you will find information that will help you decide which cloud service provider best suits your company profile.

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"Elo found in TIVIT the ideal partner for the evolution of its business. Based on security attributes and flexibility, its hosting is now done in a shared environment that guarantees support to all Elo's needs."

Fabio Levi Gonçalves

ELO IT Superintendent

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