TIVIT Private Cloud

All the benefits a public cloud has to offer in a private cloud. A flexible, scalable private cloud multiplatform solution.

TIVIT Private Cloud solution

This is the ideal toolset to allow our clients to deploy and manage their cloud IT environments with total flexibility and resilience. We offer your business a flexible and accessible solution that adds the acclaimed private cloud infrastructure to best-in-class OpenStack automation and orchestration tools, allowing us to better manage demand, and to offer a product that will help your company grow, every step of the way.


On Demand Self-service

Easily manage all your IT environment.

Scale-out capacity

Adjust your capacity on the go.


Fully integrated to cloud or on-premises environments.


Reduce errors and optimize your management with customized automation tools.


Full environment visibility with our web portal, APIs and dedicated applications.


Total management control over resources used, and over everything you pay for.


Cloud-based, high-performance data processing.

Cutting-edge solutions designed to support any demand with maximum flexibility and outstanding performance.

Dedicated physical servers for companies that need complete control and the best performance.

Storage & Data Protection

Almacenamiento de datos en nube desarrollado para entregar seguridad de datos y performance para aplicaciones críticas y no-críticas.

All systems are designed to offer high availability and solid disaster recovery options.

The ideal choice for data storage and analysis, as well as protection and distribution, for both structured and non-structured data. All the information you need is readily available as network files or through API access, whichever best suit your needs.

Cloud Interconnect

Cloud connectivity solution, for both private and public clouds, as well as traditional environments and direct Internet connection.

A private, high-speed connection, from traditional environments and private clouds to the most popular public clouds like AWS, Azure, and GCP.

Private and dedicated interconnection among all the regions served by TIVIT On-Demand Cloud.

High-speed, stable Internet connection for private clouds and traditional environments.

Acesso à Internet para ambientes em nuvem privada e tradicionais

Cloud for HANA

A HANA Database, designed for optimal performance in Big Data and Analytics, delivering reliability and processing power both on-premises and cloud-based.

A HANA Database, designed for optimal performance in Big Data and Analytics, delivering reliability and processing power both on-premised and cloud-based.

Proven SAP solutions, such as Hybris, Business Suite on HANA and S/4 custom installed to better suit your company’s needs.

Guide: How to migrate SAP to the cloud

You can count on the full performance of SAP solutions with the versatility of the cloud, and we show you how in this guide you can download now.

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