Analyze risks, prevent attacks and protect the integrity of your company and customer data with TIVIT’s Cyber Security services.

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8 of the 10 largest companies in Latin America rely on TIVIT as their technological partner to provide efficiency and security to their businesses.

Did you know that of all the countries in the world, Brazil is the most prone to suffering data leaks?

According to the Ponemon Institute, a Brazilian company has a 43% risk of being attacked, a far higher risk compared to countries like Germany (14%) and Australia (17%).


15 billion

There were 15 billion cyber-attack attempts in the first three months of 2019.*

R$ 5.5 million

The average cost of each attack on a company is R$ 5.5 million.

52% of cases

Compromised data involves customer information in 52% of cases, which can lead to the tarnishing of a company’s reputation.

Why rely on TIVIT to carry out the security of your business?

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We work with the best tools, and without exclusivity.

We are not tied to any specific tools or software – TIVIT is able to operate and benchmark to identify the best solutions for each company.

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End-to-end process

Complete expertise to assist you in all security processes (from the identification of a threat to an analysis of the problem and, ultimately, its resolution), without the need to call upon third parties.

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Agile methodology

Squads with autonomous, multidisciplinary teams that analyze the context of each demand and prioritize actions, in order to deliver the best experience for the customer and outcome for the business.

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Solid investment in R&D (LABS) and continuous refresher training for our professionals with TECHNOTIVIT.

Does your business today act proactively against attacks, or simply react?

Prevention is key to lowering costs and maintaining your company’s reputation

Get in touch with our consultants and find out how Cyber Security services can mitigate the risks and vulnerabilities of your business.

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Our solutions


Specialized platforms and teams that work 24x7x365 to investigate, identify and respond to threats in real time.


Develop applications in an agile and secure way from the outset of the process.


360º vision to act with intelligence in real time in the analysis, detection and treatment of misuse of information, protecting the exposure of your company’s business.


Highly qualified team for advisory, assessment, recovery and forensic analysis services for crisis, attack and project management.


Governance solutions to ensure that IT processes are aligned with business strategy and rules, adding value to organizations.

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Managed Detecting and Response (MDR)

Managed Detecting and Response (MDR)

Platform with the intelligence to offer a unified view of IT security, underpinned by the experience of specialized teams that work 24x7x365 to investigate, identify and respond to threats in real time.

  • With a specialized platform and team working to manage critical environments
  • Threat Vulnerability Management (TVM) Processo de gestão de vulnerabilidades de ambientes produtivos
  • Platform with Identity management and access permission that guarantees the security of all access, applications and data
  • Tool designed for the security of cloud applications, mitigating the risk of data leaks.Operation of environments observing the standards and guidelines prescribed in ISO27001 for information security
Managed Detecting and Response (MDR)


Develop applications in an agile, secure way, with tools for the continuous automation and integration of infrastructure and security of applications from the initial stages of development.

  • Code Review: Identification of problems that may go unnoticed in the programming.
  • App Pentest: Tools that validate the effectiveness of the application’s defense mechanisms.
  • App Security as a Service: Security controls for the protection and detection of vulnerabilities.
  • Continuous AppSec: Platform for the pipeline of secure application development.
  • App SecCycle: Development life cycle, integrated with other automation tools.
Managed Detecting and Response (MDR)

Threat Intell

Predictive analysis, detection and handling of incidents in real time, protecting operations by means of Artificial Intelligence tools.

  • Fraud Discovery:Systems working to detect and handle fraud.
  • Brand Abuse:We monitor and map improper use of the brand.
  • Data Leakage: Tools to detect and control data leaks.
  • Sales Abuse: Mapping of commercial information and fraudulent financial transactions.
  • Partner Compliance: Identification and correction, ranging from leaks to the prevention of fraud.
Managed Detecting and Response (MDR)


Advice and assessment in crisis management, environment recovery, forensic analysis, attack simulations, execution of specific and transformation projects.

  • Consultancy to minimize damage, with readiness, response and post-crisis strengthening.
  • Post-security incident recovery and validation if the environment is operational and repaired.
  • Analysis and design of internal processes, with best industry security practices.
  • Forensic technical analysis of the incident to generate evidence for audit and insurance.
  • Penetration testing with tools that validate the effectiveness of the defense mechanisms.
Managed Detecting and Response (MDR)

Governance, Risk and Compliance

Predictive analysis, detection and handling of incidents in real time, protecting operations via the use of Artificial Intelligence tools.

  • Maintenance of PCI-DSS certification with infrastructure and in accordance with required practices.
  • We support the basic management of your customers and all stakeholders, in accordance with the General Data Protection Act.
  • We operate following HIPAA regulations for healthcare companies in the United States.
  • We operate following SOX regulations for companies listed on the US stock exchange.
  • Operation observing the norms and guidelines prescribed in ISO27001 for information security.

TIVIT’s Cyber Security solutions ensure business security and compliance in the hybrid, digital world.

Get in touch with our consultants and find out how Cyber Security services can mitigate the risks and vulnerabilities of your business.

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