Analytics and IA

New paradigms in real-time business information analysis and management, with data volumes never imagined

TIVIT’s Analytics solutions aggregate relevant insights to our clients’ businesses

Connected World

In an increasingly connected world, the generation of data, both structured and, mainly, unstructured has been growing at a tremendously fast pace. The biggest challenge companies face is to be able to organize such data in order to use it intelligently, by translating such data into the kind of information that is essential for the new business world: insights, predictions, comparative analyses, among others. New business models can emerge any time, especially for those companies which can establish efficient processes, such as: collection, organization, analysis, sharing and monitoring the information transmitted in their environments

Analytics Solutions

Infrastructure Optimization

Is it possible to reduce your current BI / Analytics solution TCO and, on the other hand, to increase the availability and flexibility of the solution? TIVIT’s BigData services enable you to do so, with short term results, and a gradual project in order to guarantee an effective knowledge transfer. By hiring our specialized professionals, the usage of Apache Hadoop ecosystem tools and partnerships with the best distribution in Latin America are the core ingredients to make your optimization project successful.

Client segmentation

How to make my marketing actions more effective in order to increase conversion and return on investment? Due to a more efficient client segmentation, it is possible to identify groups with similar features (even if they are not very obvious), which facilitates product and service offer. After finding out these groups of clients, gain access to insights that were previously hidden under raw data. By using data from several sources (registration, social networks, background with the client) and machine learning, we can obtain concrete results, in order to offer you a successful conversion campaign.

Credit analysis

Is it possible to increase my installment sales without jeopardizing my cash flow due to high insolvency and chargeback? Through the usage of consumption data (water, power and electronic invoice), social networks and banking information (list of compliant debtors) as well as state of the art machine learning and BigData tools to collect and porcess data, we provide an assertive credit analysis, without increasing risks.

Risk Management

By identifying fraudulent behaviors before implementing a transaction, we are able to increase your business security on the web and physical terminals, therefore reducing chargeback losses. Through machine learning models, we can identify such behaviors and interrupt transactions before their implementation. Through network analysis, it is possible to identify fraudulent agents and take action pro-actively in order to prevent fraud and money laundering. Due to a detailed analysis on lines of business, we are able to reduce frauds substantially in a short period, by working in an integrated and transparent way with your transaction processing system.

Predictive maintenance

It is possible to get ahead failures before they take place. It is possible to have downtime for minutes instead of hours. How much money would it be possible to save in parts, overtime, tickets for SLA loss in such reality? By using IoT for real time data collection, BigData for data intake and processing as well as machine learning to create models which allow you to understand equipment’s and productive systems’ operating regulation, it is possible to carry out preventive actions before a failure results in a full stop.

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