Business Integration

Integrated services platform with flexible solutions to serve the most diverse markets, ensuring a proactive and real-time management of the Financial and Supply Chain business processes and connecting companies, clients and suppliers

How to improve the management of the financial and logistical operations of the companies, obtaining a greater control of the business processes

Automation, management, control and security compose TIVIT’s Business Integration Platform. By using intelligent technologies and EDI (Eletronic Data Interchange) services, as well as by developing such solutions as Web, API´s and mobile, we are able to meet the most diverse business needs in the following sectors: retail, manufacturing, financial, commercial and logistics. We are present in our clients’ daily routines, by optimizing processes, reducing costs, ensuring compliance and eliminating manual work.

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Automation of file transferences among partners in several sectors, such as: financial, commercial, logistics, pharmaceutical, automotive, transportation, through several market’s safe communication protocols based on EDI (Eletronic Data Interchange) and ETL (Extract, Transform, Load)


Parameter and business rules configuration, management of and warnings regarding inconsistencies and actions to be taken by e-mail or dashboard (web Portal or Mobile).


Data analysis solution, creating a qualified structure, bringing a managerial vision that enables the creation of easily customized reports to support decision making.

Financial management


Solution focused on companies’ accounts receivable, which enables the operation to enhance receivables management and offers our clients’ business partners a self-service system via Web or Mobile.


Payment workflow management and monitoring solution, which relies on a customizable approval process, in compliance with companies’ rules and policies and offers automatic transmission of vouchers.

Retail Conciliation

Solution focused on consolidating and conciliating account posting payments through bank transfers made by the retail companies. It reduces conciliation time and ensures higher visibility of the discounts and rebates shown in the invoice.

Statement Consolidation

Integrated banking statement management solution which permits consolidated visualization of companies’ cash flows.

Card Consolidation

Integrated card statement management solution which permits consolidated visualization of retail sales and receivables flow.

Supply Chain Management

OTD – Order to Delivery

SupplyChain management, from the generation of the purchase order, billing and invoice issuance, logistics, to delivery to the recipiente.

Retail Performance

Retail stock management solution with visibility of virtual stock and products out of stock on the shelves.

Distribution Performance

Logistic distributor’s stock management solution through the full control of the delivery process to the end cliente.

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