IoT Solutions

Our Internet of Things (IoT) Solutions allow safe connection of devices and sensors to information systems, therefore, permitting real time monitoring and management.

IoT Solutions from the platform to application specialized services, which results in automation and intelligence

What is IoT?

Technology offers us opportunities to reevaluate or create new business models. In the Internet of Things (IoT) era, it is essential to benefit from the disruptive paradigm of connected objects in order to seek operational efficiency in business.

Get to know the integrations

TIVIT’s IoT platform enables you to monitor, manage and interact with your devices in the field, remotely and in real time. Integrate our IoT solutions with your legacy systems or implement a customized solution in order to meet your most specific needs.

Optimize your business

We offer end-to-end IoT solutions, from data collection by field sensors, transportation of such data to our platform followed by the respective data analysis based on defined business rules, to the presentation of reports and managerial dashboards containing relevant information to your decision making. All of these done safely, innovatively and with high performance.


electronic meters are connected in our platforms


coordinates processed and stored in our Datacenter over the last 12 months

IoT PaaS

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Connected Field Teams Management

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Connected Vehicles

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Connected Assets Automation and Monitoring

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Assets Predictive Maintenance Management

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