Connected Field Teams Management

Total Control of Operations

Combining the usage of technological devices connected to our IoT platform, the Field Teams Management solution permits operation control, from planning to the identification and potential deviation correction of your company’s field activities. Due to immediate and assertive actions, common issues, such as unproductive visits, delayed outputs and field activity deviations are easily identified and corrected, which guarantees efficiency and improvements regarding the perception of rendered services. Through the implementation of our IoT platform, it is possible to connect and process a large volume of devices, to apply techniques and intelligent algorithms in order to offer the best solutions, so that it is possible to better advise your company about field teams management. TIVIT’s Connected Teams Management solution can also be integrated into your company’s ERP, CRM or ITSM solutions, so as to optimize the usage of your installed technological infrastructure.

Benefits of the solution


A great challenge to any company is to have efficient operations. Whether the objective is to reduce costs, improve the company’s image in the eyes of its clients, boost revenues or all of them at the same time. In fact, such challenges get even bigger when field operations are included, since, theoretically, they are out of the headquarters’ reach.


Managing your employees or partners’ employees, who are distributed along different geographical areas, who have different structure and performance profiles, who need to meet aggressive service levels within shorter and shorter timeframes, who represent the reality of several managers and coordinators on their daily routines.


Due to constant challenges, management professionals have been getting more and more aggressive budgets, with no margin to spare with waste or unproductivity, and as well, their mission is to find the balance between a quality operation and the return margins expected by the company.


Reduce your company’s costs by making your team more efficient. Our solution allows you to rapidly identify idle teams, service exceeded time, delayed arrivals and departures, reorganization of service execution and many others.


25% increase in field teams productivity regarding quantity of services performed.


billion processed coordinates stored in our IoT platform over the last twelve months


unproductive hours detected in a single operation over the last 3 months

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