Digital Workplace

Maximize service quality and user productivity

Meeting IT users’ needs and ensuring resource availability and asset control


Experience in different industries

Our knowledge in several markets allows us to deliver solutions in line with our clients’ objectives, to optimize logistics and to have wider know-how in each business’s specific applications.

Multi-language support

We have got teams who are proficient in English, Spanish and Portuguese in order to assist clients with global operations.

Enhanced productivity

TIVIT’s quality and management model provide more efficiency to our clients so that they can focus on their businesses.

Risk reduction and TCO

Software licensing control, power optimization, automated trouble shooting and self-service.


Navigation among several interaction channels, such as mobile applications, telephone, e-mail, chat and web portal.


Automatic auditing through the definition of rules associated with IT assets, highlighting and detailing deviations.

Service Desk

Focused on preserving its clients’ productivity, TIVIT operates non-stop in order to settle most services in the first contact. We offer our users extensive access and an integrated view of the tickets through Omnichannel Technologies which permit navigation through many interaction channels, such as mobile applications, telephone, e-mail, chat and web portal. Such communication can be done in Portuguese, English and Spanish. Besides, the user can choose the self-service option in order to settle several kinds of tickets on his own

NumbersService Desk

- More than 30 million Tickets / Year

- Analysts with HDI Certification

- 7 Support Centers

Field Service

For demands which require face-to-face service, TIVIT provides local support to IT users. We rely on specialized professionals and focus on the full operation of IT equipment and resources anywhere, any day, any time. With a wide and integrated service catalog, TIVIT ‘s Field Service provides on demand support solutions, resident technicians, VIP support, special projects, hand and eyes and parts replacement.

NumbersField Service

- More than 550 thousand Tickets / Year

Device Management

Management of our clients’ IT equipment and devices in order to provide significant improvement towards Total Ownership Costs (TCO), gain in operational efficiency, power usage optimization, as well as an effective expenditure control with software support and licensing. Such benefits can be reached through our inventory and software distribution automation solutions, patches update and setup application guarantee. TIVIT’s asset tracking aims at consolidating data on IT environments, generating analysis which will back our clients up with the decisions on technological updates and investments, as well as auditing processes.

NumbersDevice Management

- Over 300,000 Managed Devices

- More than 6 thousand cataloged software

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